• Joe Harman

UNLV @ Air Force Game Notes

November 26th, 2021

Falcons Stadium, USAFA

1:30 pm MST


UNLV received the opening kickoff but Air Force forced a fumble on the return, recovered the ball and took possession at the Rebel 14.

Senior quarterback Warren Bryan started in place of junior Haaziq Daniels who was not available due to a non-COVID illness.

2 rushes by junior running back Brad Roberts got Air Force a touchdown to open the scoring.

The drive went 14 yards on 3 plays, 1:09

UNLV 0, Air Force 7

The Air Force defense forced what looked like a 3-and-out on UNLV on their first possession, but an “illegal numbering” penalty against the Air Force punt return team (Safety Camby Goff and wide receiver/kick returner Jake Spiewak were both wearing jersey #11) gave UNLV a first down. The Falcons’ pass rush forced their second UNLV fumble in the game’s opening minutes, as Jordan Jackson knocked the ball from Rebels’ quarterback Justin Rogers and Air Force regained possession.

On the next UNLV punt, Spiewak wore punter Charles Bein's #99 jersey.

Air Force faced little opposition from the UNLV defense and Brad Roberts rushed for his second touchdown of the first quarter. Air Force was having its way with UNLV.

The drive went 46 yards on 9 plays, 4:54

UNLV 0, Air Force 14


UNLV passing game came together on the Rebel’s next drive as Rogers hit two completions. But Camby Goff sacked Rogers which helped force a field goal attempt from UNLV. But the snap on sailed high. The holder tried to scramble for yardage but Tre Bugg, III was there for the tackle to force the turnover on downs and the shutout remained in tact.

Sophomore quarterback Zachary Larrier entered the game for Air Force and immediately put up big yardage on the ground, gaining 39 yards on four carries. The drive came up short however, and freshman kicker Matthew Dapore hit a 37-yard field goal to put Air Force up by three scores.

The drive went 62 yards on 10 plays, 7:02

UNLV 0, Air Force 17

After a UNLV punt gave Air Force possession on the Rebels 47 yard line, Brandon Lewis took the pitch off of the right side on the first play of the drive and ran it all the way to the endzone for another Falcons’ touchdown.

The drive went 41 yards on 1 play, 0:54

UNLV 0, Air Force 24


Air Force took the opening kickoff of the 2nd half and picked up right where they left off. Brad Roberts pushed through the line and picked up 24 yards on a 2nd-and-1. Then Larrier, the 3rd-string quarterback, ran off the right side for a 12 yard touchdown, his first as a Falcon.

The drive went 75 yards on 8 plays, 4:20

UNLV 0, Air Force 31

Air Force quickly regained possession after another futile Rebels possession. Junior fullback Emmanuel Michel broke through the line and went on to a 64-yard rush to reach the UNLV 4 yard line. Two plays later, Michel scored from the 2.

The drive went 68 yards on 3 plays, 1:18

Then the UNLV offense finally came alive. Rogers looked deep and connected for a 55-yard pass to Zyell Griffin, who was tackled just shy of the endzone. The Rebels finally scored on the next play when Charles Williams pushed the ball over the goal line for a touchdown.

The drive went 75 yards on 3 plays, 0:32

UNLV 7, Air Force 38

Larrier continued to platoon at quarterback with Bryan, and continued to impress with his ability. Ultimately Air Force settled for another Dapore field goal, this one from 38 yards.

The drive went 52 yards on 9 plays, 5:33

UNLV 7, Air Force 41

After Jordan Jackson put an 11-yard loss on the Rebels with a sack, the Falcons’ fifth of the game, UNLV punted again.


Owen Burk, a sophomore running back, junior wide receiver Conner Cary, junior fullback Elijah Robinson and fourth-string quarterback, sophomore Jensen Jones entered the game for Air Force.

Jones got his first career touchdown on the drive with an eight-yard rush.

The drive went,63 yards on 14 plays, 8:43

UNLV 7, Air Force 48

On the first play of the ensuing possession, UNLV was able to get a big play for the second time in the game. Charles Williams found a hole in the middle of the Air Force defense and went 65 yards to reach the Air Force 3 yard line. Senior defensive back James Jones, IV maintained pursuit and was able to push Williams out of bounds before he could reach the endzone.

Williams scored on the next play.

The drive went 75 yards on 2 plays, 0:30

UNLV 14, Air Force 48

Air Force reserves Jet Harris and CJ McNeal got carries for the Falcons as they ran out the clock. After getting four more first downs, QB4 Jensen Jones kneeled down to end the game.

FINAL SCORE: UNLV 14, Air Force 48

Rushing Stats:

Air Force:

Emmanuel Michel: 12 rushes, 123 yards, 1 TD

Brad Roberts: 16 rushes, 98 yards, 2 TDs

Zachary Larrier: 9 rushes, 80 yards, 1 TD

Brandon Lewis: 4 rushes, 68 yards, 1 TD

Jensen Jones: 4 rushes, 27 yards, 1 TD

Jet Harris: 4 rushes, 24 yards, 0 TDs

Carey Conner: 2 rushes, 19 yards, 0 TDs

Warren Bryan: 5 rushes, 18 yards, 0 TDs

CJ McNeal: 2 rushes, 17 yards, 0 TDs

Owen Burke: 5 rushes, 16 yards, 0 TDs

Ben Jefferson: 1 rush, 12 yards, 0 TDs

John L Eldridge, III: 2 rushes, 5 yards, 0 TDs

Elijah Robinson: 2 rushes, 5 yards, 0 TDs

AIR FORCE TOTAL RUSHING: 69 rushes, 511 yards, 6 TDs


Charles Williams: 16 rushes, 137 yards, 2 TDs

UNLV TOTAL RUSHING: 25 rushes, 87 yards, 2 TDs

(Notice how the team total is 50 yards less than Williams’ total)

Passing Stats:

Air Force



Justin Rogers: 18 attempts, 8 completions, 0TDs, 0 INTs

Defensive Stats:

Air Force:

Tre Bugg, III: 9 tackles

Vince Sanford, 6 tackles, 1 sack

Bo Richter: 4 tackles, 1 sack

Camby Goff: 2 tackles, 1 sack

Jordan Jackson: 2 tackles, 1.5 sacks


Jacoby Windmon: 16 tackles

Tyson Player: 15 tackles

Adam Plant, Jr.: 10 tackles

Kyle Beaudry: 6 tackles