• Graham Knight

Station 17

by Graham Knight

On Saturday Sept. 18, the Coast Guard Bears debuted a new uniform dedicated to the crew of the US Life-Saving Service Station 17. Station 17 was a Life-Saving Station on Pea Island off the coast of North Carolina led by a African-American commander and staffed by an all-African-American crew.

It's an absolutely fascinating story, and one we're going to do a much deeper dive into in a later program. Head Coach C.C. Grant spoke to his players before and their game and told them the incredible story of the crew that won the Coast Guard Gold Medal.

"I don't think a lot of guys knew the story," Coach Grant said in our Zoom conversation. "A lot of them, they look at those uniforms and they were just happy we got a new swag. But I wanted to make sure that the story is not lost in the uniforms."

The Coast Guard Bears will be wearing those uniforms four more times this season, including the Secretaries' Cup against Merchant Marine.