• Chris Guarino

Pete Medhurst Shares His Thoughts About Moving On From 2020 Season

Pete Medhurst, Voice of the Navy Midshipmen, tells BTL what should be done with the 2020 season . . .

Last year, I think you just have to throw that video and what happened last year, you throw that in the circular file and the only time you bring it up is if somebody files a Freedom of Information Act to try and get some of it.

It wasn't Navy football, but a lot of teams last year weren't their brand of football simply because of the way things were happening in our world at that time. You know, last year wasn't representative of what college football was all about for a lot of programs.

I love our kids dearly and I love the I love college football dearly. And I think these young men, what they sacrificed last year just to have a football product in whatever form it was, was an extraordinary ask.

I'm hoping this year that it's as close to normal for them as it possibly can be because they deserve that after what they went through last year.