• Joe Harman

Norwich @ Coast Guard Game Notes

Saturday, October 2, 2021

1:30 pm 70 degrees

Cadet Memorial Field, USCGA, New London, CT


On their opening possession, Norwich was able to move the ball downfield at will. But the CGA defense held when it counted and forced a Zach Buchy field goal from 28 yards out.

The drive went 47 yards on 9 plays and lasted 2:50

Norwich 3, Coast Guard 0

Norwich faced a 3rd down & 7, but a penalty on senior LB Mike Palermo allowed Norwich a first down. Then the Cadets made steady progress down the field and into CGA territory. Another strong CGA defensive stop forced Norwich to attempt a 34-yard field goal. But the kick was no good and the score remained 3-0 Norwich.

The drive went 52 yards on 13 plays, 5:21

Norwich 3, Coast Guard 0


After exchanging punts to begin the 2nd quarter, the Norwich Cadets offense moved the ball down field with ease on their second possession, all the way to the Coast Guard 27. But when Norwich quarterback Mitchell Theal attempted a pass play on 3rd down, Bears freshman LB Ethan Lasher intercepted the pass and took it 80 yards on the return for a touchdown. The Bears got on the board and took the lead.

Coast Guard 7, Norwich 3

The teams again exchanged punts before Coast Guard RB Jared Colletti converted on a 4th & 2 to get to the Norwich 29 yard line. That was followed by a pass completion from Tafari Wall to Matt Ross, but Ross fumbled and Norwich recovered and took over on their own 12 yard line. 0:40

With just a few seconds left in the half, Norwich went for a deep pass play but CGA’s Will Price was there to snag the Bears’ 2nd INT of the game. 0:11

The Bears offense took over again after the turnover, but was unable to complete a deep pass and the half ended with no change in the score.

Halftime: Coast Guard 7, Norwich 3


Norwich opened the 2nd half with QB Mitchell Theal finding Trevor Chase wide open over the middle, who then took it all the way for 78-yard touchdown and the Cadets regained the lead. 14:45

The drive went 78 yards on 1 play, 0:14

Norwich 10, Coast Guard 7

After the ensuing kick-off, Coast Guard answered with a Colletti 84-yard touchdown run and the Bears immediately took the lead back.

The drive went 84 yards on 1 play, 0:21

Coast Guard 14, Norwich 10

On the next drive, Cadets QB Theal threw his second interception of the game, and second pick by Ethan Lasher, and the Bears got the ball back at their own 32 yard line. But Bears QB Tafari Wall tried to go deep on the very next play and threw an interception of his own . Just like that the Coast Guard defense was back on the field. 13:10

Norwich QB Theal found Chase wide open, again, for another big pass play to give the Cadets a 1st down at the CGA 12 yard line. 2 plays later Theal hit Chase in the corner of the endzone to retake the lead. 9:16

The drive went 63 yards on 9 play, 4:18

Norwich 17, Coast Guard 14

Tafari Wall found his passing game in the ensuing drive, and connected with Damaso Jaime for a 40-yard gain to get the Bears into the redzone. But the Bears offense was unable to get it into the endzone and Finnegan Hall’s field goal attempt was blocked and Norwich maintained the lead. 5:02

The drive went 75 yards on 9 plays, 4:13

Norwich 17, Coast Guard 14

With :32 left on the clock in the 3rd quarter, the Coast Guard Bears regained possession. Tafari Wall tried again to go deep but threw another interception on his offense’s first play of a drive.

Norwich 17, Coast Guard 14


On a 3rd and 5 from the Norwich 38, Jared Colletti hit a hole and picked a 32-yards to give the Bears a 1st & Goal. QB Wall then punched it in from 2 yards out for the TD and the Bears were back on top.

The drive went 43 yards on 5 plays, 2:07

Coast Guard 21, Norwich 17

Norwich RB Nate Parady ran on four straight plays on the ensuing Norwich drive for a total of 34 yards to get his team into the redzone. RB Justin Bryant finished the drive with a 2-yard touchdown run and Norwich reclaimed the lead. 7:00

The drive went 74 yards on 11 play, 5:05

Norwich 24, Coast Guard 21

The Bears couldn’t put together an offensive drive and gave the ball back to Norwich. The Cadets made steady progress into CGA territory, running down the clock and forcing Coast Guard to use their timeouts.

Norwich converted on a 3-down pass play to get to the CGA 5 yard-line with just 2:03 in the game.

Out of timeouts, the Coast Guard Bears were forced to watch the clock tick to zero as their rivals took a knee on three consecutive downs and claim the victory.

FINAL SCORE: Norwich 24, CGA 21

The Coast Guard Bears fall to 2-3 on the season, 0-2 in their last 2 games. They are 1-2 at home.

Rushing yards:

Coast Guard: 229

Jared Colletti: 195

Tafari Wall: 19

Norwich: 218

Justin Bryant: 125

Nate Parady: 94


Coast Guard: Tafari Wall: 85 Yards / 24 Attempts / 7 Completions / 2 Interceptions

Norwich: Mitchell Theal: 274 Yards / 33 Attempts / 16 Completions / 3 Interceptions

This game had 6 lead changes.

The Coast Guard Bears next game is Saturday, Oct. 9 on the road against the Springfield Pride, 1-3.