• Jordan Simal

Coast Guard @ Springfield Game Notes

Oct. 9, 2021

3:30 p.m.

Stagg Field in Springfield, MA


Springfield sent an immediate message to Coast Guard to open the game, successfully recovering an onside kick on the game’s opening kickoff. With great starting field position at their own 47-yard line, the Pride marched down the field and capped off a dominant opening drive with a one-yard run by fullback Tim Callahan into the endzone.

The drive went 53 yards on seven plays, lasting 2:49.

Coast Guard 0, Springfield 7

Special teams continued to haunt the Bears early, as pressure from the Pride got to Coast Guard junior punter Finnegan Hall, who fumbled the football on a punt attempt on fourth down. The ball was recovered by Springfield, who was in the endzone just two plays later on a one-yard touchdown by senior fullback Patrick Ladas.

The extra point was no good.

The drive went 16 yards on two plays, lasting only 0:22.

Coast Guard 0, Springfield 13.

Springfield continued to wreck the Coast Guard defense, scoring a third touchdown in the first quarter on just their third drive of the game. Like the other two, the drive ended on a short touchdown run. This time, it was a four-yard rushing score from Callahan to put the Pride up big early.

The drive went 39 yards on two plays, lasting 0:39.

Coast Guard 0, Springfield 20.

The Pride arguably put the game away in just the first quarter, scoring on yet another one-yard rushing touchdown by Ladas.

The struggle from the Coast Guard defense and lack of offense were both more than noticeable in just the game’s first 15 minutes.

The drive went 42 yards on eight plays, lasting 3:23.

Coast Guard 0, Springfield 27.


Springfield continued their scoring streak to open the second quarter with a 34-yard field goal from junior kicker Christian Hutra.

The drive went 32 yards on nine plays, lasting 5:00.

Coast Guard 0, Springfield 30.

The Bears continued to provide no answers to Springfield, allowing an 18-yard touchdown pass from senior quarterback David Wells to senior wide receiver Ian Porter.

The Pride’s scoring run advanced to 37 unanswered points.

The drive went 63 yards on five plays, lasting 1:53.

Coast Guard 0, Springfield 37.

Senior halfback Isaiah Cashwell-Doe capped off another Springfield scoring drive with a 14-yard touchdown run to give the Pride 44 unanswered points.

The drive went 38 yards on three plays, lasting 1:11.

Coast Guard 0, Springfield 44.

A 33-yard field goal from Hutra ended the first half, as the Coast Guard defense allowed a staggering season-high 47 points in the first half.

Coast Guard 0, Springfield 47.


Junior fullback Joseph Cannizzaro got the Pride offense into the endzone on a four-yard scamper into the endzone to put the game well out of reach.

The extra point was no good.

The drive went 45 yards on six plays, lasting 3:29.

Coast Guard 0, Springfield 53.

Coast Guard turned to freshman quarterback Joseph Armentrout in the 2nd half, but there was no adjustment the Bears could make that Springfield didn't have an answer for. Their first possession of the 3rd quarter earned their first first down of the day, but that was about all they could get before being forced to punt it away again and they wouldn't get it back that quarter.


Springfield opened the fourth quarter with yet another rushing touchdown. This was courtesy of junior halfback Jamari Jenkins who ran it three yards into the endzone to give Springfield a whopping 60 unanswered points.

The drive went 82 yards on 13 plans, lasting 7:53.

Coast Guard 0, Springfield 60.

Coast Guard finally made some progress on offense in the middle of the fourth quarter as Armentrout and RB Spencer McMillion combined to put together a good drive of rushes. They managed three first downs and went 51 yards, but couldn't end the shutout and turned the ball over on downs with 5:16 to play in the game.

Springfield took over and continued to move the ball down the field until finally taking a knee with a 1st and Goal on the Coast Guard 5 yard line.

Final Score: Coast Guard 0, Springfield 60.

There was simply nothing the Bears could do versus the Pride, as Coast Guard fell to 2-4 on the season.

Coast Guard’s defense had no answers for Springfield’s triple-option offense and gave up a season-high 60 points while also allowing 548 yards of total offense.

As for the Bears offense, they just couldn’t provide either, gaining only eight first downs in the entire game and racking up a meager 42 total yards on the game on 45 total plays. This resulted in an average 0.9 yards per play.

Coast Guard will visit Catholic next week at 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 16.

Coast Guard: 42 Total Yards

Springfield: 548 Total Yards


Coast Guard:

Tafari Wall: 10 attempts, 2 completions, 1 interception, 7 yards

Joseph Armentrout: 11 attempts, 3 completions, 0 interceptions, 21 yards


David Wells: 5 attempts, 3 completions, 0 interceptions, 79 yards

Chris Keefe: 1 attempts, 1 completion, 0 interceptions, 35 yards


Coast Guard:

Spencer McMillion: 6 rushes, 25 yards

Jared Colletti: 9 rushes, 11 yards

Tafari Wall: 1 rush, 5 yards