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Behind The Lines - Now In Its 3rd Season

Academy Football represents a perfect trifecta in television programming

-Compelling Action! These teams just don’t quit

-A Loyal Fan Base! Just think of all the alumni, active and retired service members

-Strong Sponsor Interest

How Big Is The Audience?

-The 2021 Army/Navy game was the most-watched TV program on any network.

-Averaged 7.575 Million Viewers (Up 54% vs. last year) -Peaked with 10 Million Viewers (9.997) for Game's Conclusion

-Was the 10th most-watched regular season college football game this year

How To Reach This Audience

The first and most obvious answer is to broadcast academy football games, but with an audience like this, there’s an opportunity to cater to them with in-depth reporting, giving them an up-close look at these teams and these players without actually broadcasting a game. Branding an academy football game is nice but getting to know the players is priceless. By cultivating these fans, programmers and sponsors give academy fans a value-added service which only enhances sponsorship messaging and fan loyalty. This is the intersection where Behind The Lines: The Academy Football Report can be found.

Now In Its 3rd Season

Behind The Lines is now a 24/7 daily operation tracking every move on the academy football gridirons of Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine.Each week, Behind The Lines produces and delivers for broadcast a 30-minute academy football show that goes behind the lines to get the behind the scenes stories on the Army Black Knights, the Navy Midshipmen, the Air Force Falcons, and the Coast Guard Bears that other outlets just don’t have the time to broadcast.Stories like this one:

Each show also recaps highlights from recent games and previews matchups of the upcoming games. This is don’t-miss TV programming, but this weekly show is just the tip of the iceberg.

Each day, Behind The Lines is posting news on our various social media sites. From daily reports on YouTube and our website, to tweets and posts on Facebook and Instagram. As viewers cut the cord, media outlets are migrating to streaming platforms, and Behind The Lines is an industry leader when it comes to reaching academy fans wherever they watch, whether it’s on YouTube, on broadcast, or on Twitter. In fact, when our show publishes, web viewers have the option of watching the entire show or just their favorite segment.

In our 1st season of 2020, Behind The Lines, as a proof of concept, produced (6) 30-minute shows plus a 1-hour special report on the 50th Anniversary of the Commander In Chief’s Trophy.

In our 2nd season, Behind The Lines added YouTube,, Facebook, Twitter, and the American Forces Network to our national distribution list, and proved to broadcasters like the New England Sports Network (NESN) and others that Behind The Lines can command an audience in a Friday or Saturday time slot.

In 2021 we produced (16) 30-minute shows plus a 1-hour Preseason Special, and we’re currently in production on a 1-hour special on Army’s Academy Football Greats, which includes players like:

Pete Dawkins, the only West Point Cadet — EVER! — to be First Captain, President of his class, Captain of the football team, and in the top 5 percent of his Class academically.

Gary Steele, who has the distinction of being West Point’s first African American to earn a varsity letter in football. A dual-sport letterman, he held the indoor high jump record in track and was selected into the Army Sports Hall of Fame. He was drafted by the Detroit Lions.

Coach Jim Young , as head coach for 8 years, led Army to six winning seasons, 3 Commander in Chief’s Trophies and 3 post-season bowl appearances. He is a member of the Bowling Green State University Athletic Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame.

This show starts airing the first part of March.

All of our shows and reports can be found on our Behind The Lines: The Academy Football Report channel on YouTube, or on our website

In 2022 Behind The Lines goes 24/7

If you’re looking for frequency, Behind The Lines is your answer. In 2022 Behind The Lines will ALWAYS be broadcasting something academy football-related. Whether it is highlights of the games, previews of upcoming matchups, reports from the multiple press conferences taking place each week, or in-game coverage and up-to-the-minute tweets and posts on every game development … live as they happen.

In 2022 Behind The Lines will have a team of broadcasters to cover all the action, on camera as well as on Social Media. Plus, we’ll have a dedicated promotions producer to make sure all of our broadcasters have ample promos to run each week promoting our time slot.

What Kind of Promotional Campaign Can You Expect?

Weekly ads like this one to promote all the exciting action taking place on the gridiron, and as you’ll see, these ads are easily brandable.

Innovative Coverage

Our 2022 season coverage started on Monday, January 3rd when Coach Monken started the year off with a press conference and an update on Army. This year Behind The Lines is going to change the way the sports world looks at press conferences. Just take a look: Coach Monken January 3, 2022 Press Conference.

Typically, press conferences are posted on YouTube without any context, but very often, there are only a few critically-important sound bites in any given press conference. This year Behind The Lines will make these press conferences readily available, readily accessible and brandable.

As you can see from the January 3rd press conference, we pulled the most relevant sound bites, added some context and made plenty of room for branding. Plus, this presentation style is scalable. An academy fan can get the level of detail they want in an instant, or by reading and/or watching the entire conference.

Daily Behind The Lines: Unfiltered Reports On YouTube

This year, in the interest of reaching academy fans everywhere, Behind The Lines will produce a daily YouTube Unfiltered Report hosted by young sportscasters from some of America’s top broadcast schools, including George Washington, George Mason, University of Maryland, and Colorado College and University of Colorado, Boulder. These reports will be fun off-the-cuff news briefs capturing the essence of every academy football development. On Saturdays, these reports will focus on recapping the action from the games and providing key stats and analysis. Early in the week, these reports will focus on reaction to the most recent game, and as we get into Thursday and Friday they will become preview-oriented with lots of details on upcoming opponents.

Regular Season Coverage Starts In August

In early August 2022, we’ll deliver a 60-minute preview special that will take a look at the upcoming season from every angle, including new and returning players, preseason buzz, and last season’s highlights. We’ll highlight the players to watch and break down the 2022 schedule and the must-watch games.

Then, starting on September 1, 2022, we’ll return with our top reporters to bring you the weekly previews, profiles, and pictorials on the academy football teams as we count down to the hottest games of the year, which include: the Army/Navy game, the Commander’s Classic and the Navy/Air Force matchup.

Our 3rd season will be punctuated with lots of social media exposure, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. While our show may be seen only on weekends, our posts will be constant and continuous.


Looking to reach the armed services demographic? If so, we’re looking for three 3-star generals to take a commanding lead of Behind The Lines: The Academy Football Show. What’s in it for your brand?

· Opening and closing billboards in each show.

· Brand exclusivity.

· (3) 30-second spots per weekly show and (6) 30-second spots in the 1-hour special (This special is likely to air at least 4 times in 2022).

· Branding in all promotions.

· Your very own sponsored segment.

· Tons of frequency. Last year the average Behind The Lines show aired 3 times each weekend.

· Cross-promotion and branding on all social media posts.

PRICE: Please call for rates

Want to know more about Behind The Lines?

Each year the collegiate football players of these academy teams carry onto the field something beyond the push and shove of the front lines, something beyond the game itself. While the competition that takes place on their gridiron is forever captivating, the future soldiers of these academy football teams will go on to make up the elite fighting forces of America’s military, which means they also carry with them the promise of America’s freedom and future. These schools are followed not only by their alumni, but everyone who has ever worn a uniform in the service of our country!

The show will also include lots of profiles and the behind-the-lines stories that will give you an inside look at these teams, including interviews with coaches, players and alumni. When it comes to watching these teams in action and tracking their progress and success throughout the season, Behind The Lines is the only show with total access. Plus, each week we will bring you the history of these schools, their top players, and their brightest moments in stories like this one:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to go Behind The Lines!


We’ll also be working hard to cross-promote each show and are committed to delivering at least 3 promos with every broadcast we deliver, which includes time/date stamped promos branded with sponsor branding.


· In 2020 we started with distribution list that included, MASN, NESN, Cox Sports, Altitude Sports, Eleven Sports (Now Next Level Sports), Fox Sports Florida and others.

· In 2021 our efforts were focused on enhancing our digital distribution on YouTube, on Social Media and clearing American Forces Network.

· In 2022 our focus will be securing consistent time slots and clearing Over The Air Broadcasters (an estimated 10 million homes) who service high concentrations of military service personnel, (See Graph 1)

· 50/50 barter split - a total of 18 shows in 2022, unlimited runs.

· Documentary FED FTP Mid 1st Quarter 2022.

· Preview Special FED FTP Early August 2022.

· Weekly shows FED FTP starting September 2, 2022, FED each Thursday night for Friday and Saturday airings.

· Coverage continues through December 18, 2022.

· Perfect for all markets, especially those with military installations. Behind the Lines will work with affiliates to identify and highlight Academy players from your local area. Saleable content sponsors can support the armed forces through these games.

· Excellent place for political spots and PAC Money.

Graph 1- Expanding Behind The Line's Reach in 2022

Example of In Show Branding