• Graham Knight

And The Osprey Goes To...

As we wrap up the 2021 Academy Football Season, it's time to award the Osprey (Oscar/Osprey...see what we did there?) to the best Spirit Video of 2021.

The Winner is...

Go Navy, Beat Army!

Posted by Quentin Melson, Chief of Naval Personnel

This Spirit Video was selected because it was short, clever, well-written and funny.

The last line of the video "Stan, you're needed in accounting," left us laughing.

But there where many others we considered. Here are the top three runners-up:

1st Runner Up

Go Army Beat Navy 2021

FORT CAMPBELL, KY, UNITED STATES 11.24.2021 Video by Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, 40th Public Affairs Detachment

Hype video from the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), for the 2021 Army vs. Navy Football Game. (U.S. Army video by Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, 40th Public Affairs Detachment)

This is by far the best-edited video of all the posted Spirit Videos, with the exception of one edit.

There is a shot of a missile fired around 30 second into the video and then the video cuts to a helicopter sitting in a pool of water. When two shots are cut together like that the implication is that the missile is going to blow up the helicopter. The same is true when juxtaposing a picture of a hunter and a deer. The implication is the hunter is about to harvest the deer.

2nd Runner Up

The Navy Squid Game

Created by by: Rylan Tuohy

" In this Netflix Squid Game parody, it's Army/Navy Football game day, and Sailors play for a chance to get off duty, but the Command Duty Officer (CDO) may have other motives..."

3rd Runner Up

The Standoff- Go Army Beat Navy (extended version)

Posted By US Army Fort Sill

Honorable mention goes to the Sea Cadets Spot for promoting both teams in the same Spirit Video.

Bottom line, a lot of creativity and effort went into these spots and we applaud all of your efforts. Would you like to know more about Spirit Videos? If so, please give this story a look.