• Joe Harman

Air Force @ Nevada Game Notes

November 19, 2021

Mackay Stadium, Reno, NV

7:00 pm MST


Air Force took the ball and were pushing down the field with ease on their first possession, but a bad tansfer from quarterback Haaziq Daniels to running back Brad Roberts resulted in a fumble and Nevada took over to end the Falcons' momentum.

Nevada's junior quarterback Carson Strong, who is widely considered to be a top NFL draft prospect, was hit hard while being sacked and exited the game, but after one play he returned and resumed being awesome. The Pack pushed into the redzone but the Air Force defense held. Sophomore cornerback Eian Castonguay broke up a pass in the endzone, and Nevada settled for a field goal to get on the board first.

The drive went 65 yards on 10 plays, 3:37

Air Force 0, Nevada 3


Air Force responded with a 19-play, 75-yard drive that was all rushing yards. Ben Jefferson finished off the group effort with a touchdown run of 4 yards, -- his first career touchdown.

The drive went 75 yards on 19 plays, 10:34

Air Force 7, Nevada 3

Carson Strong seemed to struggle with his movement and also couldn’t find open receivers as the Air Force defense frustrated Nevada’s offense.

Sophomore linebacker Bo Richter picked off Carson Strong for the first Air Force turnover on the game.

Junior wide receiver De’Andre Hughes took off for a 52-yard run that gave the Falcons 1st-and-goal. But what seemed like an easy Brad Roberts touchdown on the next play was called back on a personal foul penalty and forced Air Force to work for more yardage. But the work paid off and Hughes, from the 10, scored the second touchdown of the game for the Falcons.

The drive went 66 yards on 6 plays, 1:39

Air Force 14, Nevada 3

The Air Force defense played very well against Nevada’s vaunted passing offense and their star quarterback. Vince Sanford, Jayden Thiergood, Christopher Herrera and Jordan Jackson each recorded a sack in the first half.

The Falcons gained possession with 4:13 in the 2nd quarter and were moving down the field in small chunks in accordance with their game plan. But time was running out and Air Force Head Coach Troy Calhoun went for a long field goal attempt before the first half ended. Kicker Matthew Depore was on target from 49 yards out -- the longest of his Air Force career -- and the Falcons went into the locker room leading by 14.

The drive went 28 yards on 7 plays, 1:28

Air Force 17, Nevada 3


Air Force received the kickoff to open the 2nd half and started to march down the field again just like they drew it up. Roberts lead the charge, and the Falcons went 52 yards. But a failed 4th down conversion gave the ball back to Nevada on the Wolfpack 17 yard line.

Carson Strong came out a different player then what he showed in the first half. Strong was hit throwing on the first play of the drive which resulted in a fumble recovered by Nevada for a loss of 12 yards.

But the next play, from the 5, Strong hit Melquan Stovall for 25 yards to get out of the hole. Then connected with Tory Horton on the next play for 49 yards. And just like that Nevada was in the redzone.

Strong finished the job with a touchdown pass to Cole Turner for the first Nevada touchdown of the game.

The drive with 83 yards on 7 plays, 2:21

Air Force 17, Nevada 10

Air Force got back to action and marched all the way down the field, completing the first pass of the game, from Daniels to Brandon Lewis, on a key third down and De’Andre Hughes got his 2nd touchdown of the game to go back up by 2 scores.

The drive went 75 yards on 9 plays, 4:44

Air Force 24, Nevada 10


Good coverage from Tre Bugg on 2nd down, then a 3rd down sack from Herrera forced a 3-and-out from Nevada on the ensuing drive.

On Nevada’s next possession the Wolfpack moved down the field but the Air Force defense continued to over perform. Facing the risk of not getting another possession, Nevada attempted a 4th-and-10 conversion, but Strong's pass went incomplete.

Unfortunately for the Falcons, after taking over on downs Air Force quarterback Haaziq Daniels fumbled on the next play from scrimmage as he tried to run off the right side and Nevada got the ball back right away.

Then Carson Strong made the Falcons pay. He hit Romeo Doubs on the next play for a 61-yard touchdown throw.

The drive went 61 yards on 1 play, 0:10

Air Force 24, Nevada 17

Air Force had to punt it back to Nevada and the Wolfpack took advantage. On a 4th and 10 Nevada went for it, again, and Strong threw incomplete. But a pass interfence penalty on Tre Bugg, his second pass interference of the game, kept the Nevada drive alive.

Nevada did not waste the opportunity and tied the game on a 2-yard pass from Strong to Cole Turner for another touchdown. The comeback was complete.

The drive went 67 yards on 12 plays, 3:50

Air Force 24, Nevada 24

The Nevada defense, which spent much of the game on its heels and cathcing its breath was now playing with fervor. With the game tied and time getting short, Air Force needed yards and a big play. But instead of looking deep, they stuck to their game plan, with pitches to the outside and runs up the middle. They were forced to punt.

The punt pinned Nevada on its own three and after another Jordan Jackson sack the Wolfpack had to punt it back to Air Force with just 0:36 remaining in regulation.

Air Force let the clock run out on regulation.


Air Force played on offense first in overtime. From the 25 yard line Daniels, Roberts and Dane Kinamon combined on the rushing plays to get into the endzone and take the lead again.

Air Force 31, Nevada 24

The Wolfpack shifted gears and used their running game to score on their turn. Toa Taua scored from 6 yards out and the game was tied again.

Air Force 31, Nevada 31

In the second overtime, Nevada took possession first and Carson Strong completed three passes to score again. Romeo Doubs caught the touchdown pass. Strong connected with Cole Turner for the 2-point conversion.

Air Force 31, Nevada 39

The Falcons went back to their bread and butter and Daniels ran right off the edge for a first down pickup of 21 yards. Roberts then scored a touchdown and Hughes converted the 2-points and the game was tied again.

Air Force 39, Nevada 39

Air Force took the first possession in the third overtime round, in which the teams would trade 2-point conversions. From the three yard line, Daniels fooled everyone and easily ran into the endzone to the right side and the Falcons were up again.

Air Force 41, Nevada 39

Carson Strong had been finding Romeo Doubs open all night long and on their turn in the third OT, Strong threw a bullet into the back of the endzone for Doubs, but sophomore safety Camby Goff broke up the pass, the pass landed incomplete and Air Force won -- finally.

FINAL SCORE: Air Force 41, Nevada 39